Say I, if You Would Love More Youthful Looking Lips!

No doubt you have already heard of number four on my must-try list. City Beauty!

I had heard such great things about City lips πŸ’‹ by City Beauty that I just had to try it.

I had been searching for a product that could not only help smooth the appearance of my ever-encroaching lip lines but, also something that would give my lips the plumper look and feel they had when I was younger.

City Lips promised to do just that.

Although I was anxious to try it, I did have some doubts that it would work as well as it claimed. That was until I tried it!

As soon as my City Lips Clear Gloss arrived, I ran to the mirror and tried it on.

I could actually feel it working…a little tingling sensation all over my lips.

Before my eyes, my lips started to take on a more plumper appearance especially around the edges where it worked to diminish the look of my lip-lines.

I have been using City Lips Clear Gloss for a week now. I apply it as directed, once in the morning and once at night.

My lips are plumping up more and more with each application.

At night, I apply it to the surface of my lips and just outside my lips rim to help combat my lip-lines. So far, so good!

I’m so impressed! I think next week’s purchase will be City Lips Matte!

Thank’s City Beauty, for such a great product!

Click on the picture below to order City Lips Clear Gloss or City Lips Matte! Your Choice. Just $35!

Plumper Fuller Lips with City Lips!


Diana Page

By Diana Page

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