Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector


Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector minimizes the look of discoloration and hyperpigmentation on the face, neck, and hands — for a brighter, more even-toned complexion. Plus, this concentrated serum reflects light away from dark spots, making them less visible within seconds.


You need to try Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector –

If you are looking for a great product to correct, and not just cover your dark spots?

You are? Great, you’re in the right place!

Say hello to your new dark-spot corrector; say by, by to dark spots!

City Beauty’s advanced formula Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector targets the underlying causes of dark spots; hyperpigmentation.

This luxe corrector interrupts your skin’s pigment production process.

It works like no other product to reduce; not just conceal your dark spots.

City Beauty uses alpha-arbutin to lighten hyperpigmented skin areas.

alpha-arbutin is safer to use on your skin than its alternative Hydroquinone.

Not only is alpha arbutin safer, but lab tests have shown that it’s as effective as Hydroquinone in lightening hyperpigmented skin. Perhaps it is even more effective.

alpha-arbutin may be difficult to source, but City Beauty cares about the health of your skin and knows you are worth it.


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