Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out!

The best way to combat skin aging and diminished existing wrinkles is to nourish your skin from the inside out.

Today I’m going to blog about great foods, drinks, and supplements to feed and nourish your skin as well as your joints.

Number one on my list is water. We all understand that the first step in a healthy skincare routine is to cleanse the skin and wash away any impurities. It’s just as important to cleanse and detoxify the skin from the inside. We can do that by simply drinking at least 8 – 10, 8 oz glasses of water each day. 

Number two on my list are fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C. Our bodies need vitamin C to produce collagen. As we age our bodies make less and lower quality collagen which results in less firm and supple skin. Our cartilage also weakens with age. Foods that contain high levels of vitamin C are strawberries, citrus fruits, and bell peppers.

Number three and four on my list are Proline and Glycine. Your body makes collagen by combining two amino acids into procollagen. These two amino acids are Proline and Glycine. According to Healthline, you may be able to boost your collagen production by eating foods rich in these two amino acids. You can find high amounts of Proline in dairy products, wheat germ, egg whites, mushrooms, cabbage, and asparagus. Glycine can be found in protein foods, gelatin, as well as pork and chicken skin.

Number five on my list are foods that contain high amounts of copper: cocoa powder, lentils, cashews, sesame seeds, and organ meats.

Number six on my list is high-quality proteins. These include poultry, tofu, legumes, dairy, and seafood.

Even more important than incorporating the above foods into your diet are avoiding collagen destroying foods such as sugar, refined carbs, too much sunshine, and smoking.

Number seven is a supplement you can take that shows promising results in enhancing your collagen production.

Collagen is not only important to help keep your skins youthful appearance; but, combined with hyaluronic acid it can also ease the pain associated with joint and soft tissue disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and bursitis.

I happen to have bursitis in my right shoulder and osteoarthritis in both hips.

While I was researching what products to test next, I ran across a company from Australia Named Modere.

Modere makes a lot of skincare and nutritional supplements. The one that caught my eye promised not only to improve my skin but also to ease my pain. It’s called Biocell. I couldn’t resist trying it.

I was told that it takes about 3 months to feel the full effects; however, I noticed changes within the first two weeks. While my quick results are not common, I could feel that my eyes were less dry, the pores on my nose began shrinking, and I was able to lift my right arm to shoulder height with much less pain. I continued taking 15 mo (a little over a tablespoon) of Biocell twice a day for a month and a half. Amazingly, the range of motion in my arm continued to improve. I was able to sleep with my arm above my head again, and experienced a lot less pain when I reached back to unlatch my bra. I could now unhook my bra without assistance from my fiance. I had not noticed a big reduction in my hip pain, but I did feel I was able to manage going up and down the stairs a lot easier. 

I am now two weeks post the Biocell trial and unfortunately, the pain is creeping back.

All in all, I was extremely impressed with the results I felt while using the Biocell supplement. 

Modere also offers a range of skincare products, weight loss supplements (similar to the Biocell dosage), energy drinks, vitamins, and many other products that I plan on testing in the future. 

Biocell comes in different formulas. You can choose the supplemental formula that best suits your needs. I personally tried Biocell Skin and Biocell Life. Biocell Life also improves your heart health. They both have a pleasant fruity taste.

Modere also offers a Biocell for increased energy and one called Biocell Pure that is less sweet than the others.

They all improve your joint, skin, and eye health.

If you suffer from joint pain, sagging skin, and/or dry eyes; I highly recommend Biocell! 

Interested in what Modere can do for you?

Check them out!

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In short you can improve your skins hydration by drinking plenty of water, and ramp up your skins collagen production by eating foods that aide in collagen production.

You can enhance your bodies collagen production even further by adding supplements that contain collagen and hyaluronic acid that can ease joint pain, firm your skin from the inside out, and even relieve dry eyes.

I have no doubt you will be as impressed with Modere as I am.

Promise me you’ll add you’re amazing Modere experience in the comment section below!